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How to get there

Fantaisie Palace is located in the village of Eckersdorf, approx. 9 km from Bayreuth. By car it can be reached from Bayreuth (centre) in approx. 20 minutes, on foot in approx. 1.5 hours.


Arriving by car or coach


Picture: Road map

Coming from Bayreuth take the road B22 towards Hollfeld until you reach Donndorf/Eckersdorf.

Car parking is available at the palace and in the signposted visitor car park. Unfortunately, bus parking is not currently available, but there are bus stops at the Garden Museum on the road B22.

Fantaisie Palace on Google maps:
Google Maps


Arriving by public transport

Take the train to Bayreuth, then bus towards Donndorf.
Here you can find information on the local bus lines.

Information on the railway can be found on

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